Terms And Conditions

We have tried to keep the language simple so that you can understand them easily.

They are important as they cover the part we are responsible for and the part you are responsible for.


In these conditions “We” means “Paul Movers”, US and “OUR” have corresponding meanings;

“You” means the party entering into the agreement for Services with Us, and includes the party to whom our quotation is addressed and the party by whom the acceptance is signed, and “Your” has corresponding meaning;

“Goods” means all furniture and other affects, which are to be the subject of the Services;

“Services” means the whole of the work to be undertaken by Us in connection with the Goods including removal (if applicable) storage;

“Subcontractor” means any person other than one of Our employees who, under any agreement or arrangement with Us (Whether directly or indirectly) performs or agrees to perform the whole or any part of the Services; Words in the singular include the plural, and words in one or more genders include all genders.


We reserve the right to refuse any quote for the carriage of goods for any particular person and for carriage of any goods or classes of goods at our discretion.


Information supplied by you.
We rely upon information supplied by you. You warrant that the information that you have provided us is correct so we will estimate which vehicle to use, and how long it might take. This is estimate only. The list you gave us at booking is a guide to what we are expecting to move on the day, not the itemized inventory.

Fragile Goods and valuable Items.
You will, prior to the commencement of the removal or storage, give us a written notice of any Goods which are of fragile or brittle nature and which are not readily apparent as such, or which comprise jewelry, precious objects, work of art, money, and collection of items or precision equipment in any case having a value in excess of $1 ,OOO.

Goods Left Behind or Moved in Error.
It is your responsibility to ensure, that all Goods to be removed or stored are uplifted by us and that none is left behind by mistake.

If you provide assistance during the removal.
We will not be liable for any injury sustained either on your property or on ours (Including on or in any part of the truck or equipment) by you or any person assisting on your behalf whether we are at fault or not. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are adequately insured under these circumstances.


Safe Environments for our drivers
It is your responsibility that our drivers and workers are given a safe workplace environment.

Meals and Rest Break
We are entitled to have a paid 30 minute Meal or rest break where the total duration of a move exceeds 5 hours.

We will park anywhere safe you ask us to do, except clearways. If the parking space is not legal, you can ask us to find a legal spot further away. Any Parking-Fees we pay or Fines we receive during your move will be added to your bill. It is always better to arrange parking permit where required.


We shall be entitled to carry the Goods by any reasonable route, (Considering all the circumstances including the nature and destination of any Goods being carried on the vehicle) and by any reasonable means.

Delays due to traffic conditions, road repairs, selections of route and vehicle breakdown are inherent in the furniture removal industry. We will not be liable for any loss or damage or consequential loss as a result of our being delayed for any reason other than factors within our control. We will take every possible step to try that our crew arrive on pick-up/ drop-off address on time and keep you informed about the delay, but we take no responsibility.


We must be paid full at the end of the job.

Our “Working Time” does not finish until our trucks are packed back to original condition and the driver has been paid in full.

We take Cash, Visa or MasterCard at the job completion.

Payment by Third party
If You arrange with Us or instruct Us that Our charges are to be paid by a third party, and if that party does not pay the charges, You agree to pay all the outstanding charges

Overdue payments
In case of non-payments, Debt-Collection procedures will be followed. The customer will be liable to pay additional amount charged by the debt collection agency.

Lien On Goods Until payment IS Received.
All goods being moved or stored shall be subject to a general lien for any outstanding money owed by you. Should circumstances arise that make it reasonable to conclude that You are unwilling or unable to pay any due charges in the required form or at the required place or time, We reserve the right to retain or refuse delivery of any Goods. Where payment is not received within 28 days, we reserve the right to dispose of the Goods in lien of payment.


Whilst we carry all forms professional insurances such as Public Liability Insurance and Transit Insurance, it is important that each customer recognise the limited liability and take the relevant insurance to cover their specific concerns. You may of course arrange insurance with an insurer of your choice. Paul Movers is by law not permitted to provide you, the customer with insurance or specific advice on insurance.

Incase of any claim made, you will bear the full of excess amount.

No insurance claims will be processed until complete charges of the service availed and excess fees have been paid to Paul Movers. We take no responsibility for any other loss because of any damage, repair or claim.

In satisfaction of any claim, We may repair or replace the goods without liability of depreciation. In lieu of repairing Goods, We have the option to compensate you to the equivalent value as per the previous condition prior to the damage occurred. The valuation will take into account the age, depreciation, and wear and tear of the item. If there is any dispute regarding the valuation of an item, it will be assessed by an independent licensed auctioneer or a person nominated by our insurance company. The costs of the valuer shall be borne equally.


No claims will be accepted for any damage discovered after we have left the move.

Damage Exceptions
We will cover any physical damage caused by mishandling, dropping or in-adequate securing of items by us, except in the following circumstances: Electronic items are not packed in hard boxes such as computer, photocopier, Lamps etc.

Musical instruments not in hard case

Televisions are not packed in their original boxes.

Glass pieces are not wrapped or packed properly and safely, this includes pictures and table tops

Any stones such as granite or marble etc. we will take them if its safe but we don’t cover these items because of their inherent fragility.

Press wood furniture, which is designed to be flat-packed. No matter how carefully you move them, furniture like this has inherently susceptible to suffer damage. To reduce risk, we recommend dismantling such type of items. All glass or items of brittle nature to be moved at “owners own risk”.

Damage to Goods
Packaging If the Goods sustain damage due to defective or inadequate packing or unpacking, which was not undertaken by Us or Our Sub-contractors, We will not be liable.

Damage to goods over 100 kg. The goods weigh in excess of 100kg (The Company may refuse to remove large or cumbersome goods or may charge additional charges but if we do so, any damage which occurs will be at the customers sole risk.)

Vehicle Damaged the event that damage to goods arises from the transport vehicle being damaged by fire, flood, and collision or overturning and We are compensated by Our insurer for the damage to Your Goods, You will be compensated, but only to the extent We are paid compensation by Our insurer for Your Goods.